gmorder (gmorder) wrote,

пятничные ежи


Happy Birthday!!!! (26.4.2015):


Phunny Pinecone:

...hedgehog yawn...:

Big yawns!

Bolita - erizo africano

Rebel porcupine is rebel... too bad the idiot that posted this doesn't know the difference between a HEDGEHOG and a PORCUPINE! cute HEDGEHOG!:

20 Animals Who Are So Glad You Could Stop By


cute hedgehog bowling :D

This is one of my favorite things. He just sits there and accepts it.

Here are 6 baby hedgehogs doing things. Just because.

When I'm caught staring at someone across the room.

Jawn is taking a bath... < seriously guys, come on, give the man some privacy

Poggles always perks up at the sound of running water.  We weren't sure if it terrified him or whether he liked it, but it became very cle...:
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