gmorder (gmorder) wrote,

пятничные ежи


Cute Hedgehog:

I wanna take you to the peak of everything that you are:

Hedgie in office chair:

Keep small yellow duck swimming with it?:

Night! Hug! I think dogs just want to be dog and hedgehogs be them....totally cool if you are a farmer too.:

Cute Hedgehog | Bored Panda:

I LOVE HEDGEHOGS!! I want one so bad!!:

Let me guess, he's playing Sonic...:

No More Pictures Please! | Bored Panda:

good Christmas by Elena Eremina on 500px:

lunch soon by Elena Eremina on 500px:

These hedgehog facts are all to true, amazing, and mind-blowing that we don’t even need any introductory text here, though we feel compelled to put something here anyway.   1. A hedgehog…:

Critter Couch size tiny by CritterCouches on Etsy:

One trick to keep your hedgehog still is to blow on them gently. | 40 Things We Learned At The Hedgehog Convention:

Hedgehog A Day Keeps The Sadness Away..:
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