gmorder (gmorder) wrote,

пятнишные ежи


…and SMILE!! | 17 Hedgies Who Will Make You Smile:

Hedgy mommy:

Precious happy baby hedgie !!:

a hedgie mom and her baby !!:

Hedgie Heart!:

effect of exercise on hedgehog... this is so my hedgie!:

Sleepy hoglets:

hedgehog mommy!:

I want to go to the seaside:


I literally love every picture of hedgehogs.:

If our Editorial department ever gets their office hedgehog, we're sure it would be very literate!:

Cute hedgehog:

【萌フォロー開始】ハリネズミってこんな可愛かった!?世界を飛び回るBiddy(ビディー)の旅写真にたまらんく | DDN JAPAN:

【ELLE DECOR】インスタグラムのNEWスター、ハリネズミのダーシーがキュートすぎる!|エル・オンライン:



Our weekly #fashiontruth winner Katie’s furry (er, pointy?) friend Amelia stole our hearts with this universal #fashiontruth: “Fashion is for every body! [flower emoji]” Way to rock that flower, little buddy.:


hedgehog hello from Seashore Hedgies, Virginia Beach Va:
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