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пятнишные ежи


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Baby Hedgehog:

Why is there a hedgehog in my cup? Oh who cares, it's adorable <3:

Hedgehog and he looks like a hedgehog with dolls:

you cute little hedgehog:

Hedgehog in a teacup:


It's Tommy from Millermeade Farm's Critter Connection! Love this little guy!:


Princess Pricklepants says hi.:

I literally love every picture of hedgehogs:

Hedgy mommy:


Hedgie yoga:

Biddy the traveling hedgehog eating dried bananas!:

Darcy the flying hedgehog Instagram:


How adorable:

Classy Hedgie:

16 Fun Facts About Hedgehogs | Mental Floss #Some funny things I didn't know! If you're an owner, you should check it out :-) #Hedgehog #FunFacts:


"I am not frappucino. I am hedgehog.":

Not enough sleep!:


Hungry Hedgehog and His Hamster Buddy Enjoy a Few Snacks While Working at a Tiny Café:
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