gmorder (gmorder) wrote,

пятнишные ежи

hedgehog doing a wolf howl!:

I love sunbathing #9gag:

Hedgehog Erizo:

15 Tiny, Cynical Hedgehogs:

Cute Hedgehog:

Oh my goodness.  So much personality is such a sweet little face.  How sweet is this little one.:

3.5 weeks..:

Night! Hug! I think dogs just want to be dog and hedgehogs be them....totally cool if you are a farmer too.:


Lil babies:

Hedgehogs with eggs!:

Aw, look at it, so proud of its tomatoes! Those are some wonderful tomatoes, cute hedgehog!:

My hedgehog Brillo at the park! #hedgehog #pet #park #ball #cute:

Another pinner's 5 month old hedgie Potato.:

Anyone else tired after a looong week?:

Hedgehog stretch  ♥:
Tags: ежи

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